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Navigating the Clean Economy with Bob Fishman - Scaling Clean Ep. 2

2 min. read

We’re up with episode 2 of Scaling Clean, the podcast for clean economy CEOs, investors and the people who advise them. Our goal is to convert company leaders’ experience into useful insights for you in your work.  
This episode features our conversation with Robert E. Fishman, a veteran CEO of three energy companies with experience in renewables, fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Bob’s a thoughtful, humble and accomplished leader and mentor. He’s got a wealth of experience in several areas, but I suspect you’ll find most useful his insights into assembling and maintaining the right executive team.  
If you don’t have the 30 minutes to listen to the whole episode, here are skimmable highlights below:  
5:20 – How to manage leadership teams you inherit, the signs to look for in determining who to keep and who to change out and the mandate you should secure from your board
14:17 – The challenges for clean economy companies are customer acceptance of a new product and having a balance sheet strong enough to match the promise of the product  
15:20 – How the software experience of impatient VCs doesn’t equip them to understand the capital intensity of clean economy companies 
16:50 – The role of the effective clean economy CEO  
18:27 – Best backgrounds for cleantech CEOs 
20:20 – Tips on hiring, including doing off-list reference checks and accepting that the best you get is a 2/3rds success rate in hiring — plus his favorite interview question 
24:50 – How his most important mentor’s “servant leadership” ethic impressed him 
We’re looking for feedback (lots of it!) on the usefulness of this format to you as people working at clean economy companies. Do these interviews convert to useable practices, tips and perspectives in your work? Please let us know.

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