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Video: Energy Secretary Steven Chu Speaks at Energy All-Stars Event, Notes that Cost of Wind and Solar Plummeting

on • 2 min. read

At the "Energy All-Stars" event held this past Saturday at U.S. Department of Energy headquarters in Washington, DC, Energy Secretary Steven Chu talked about the challenges and opportunities relating to energy issues in coming years. I live tweeted the event; here are the tweets on Secretary Chu's talk. Also note the shout-out to Tigercomm President Mike Casey by Undersecretary David Sandalow for helping pull the event together.

  • Energy Secretary Steven Chu talking about rapid technological changes in US history (e.g., horses to horse power)
  • Sec. Chu - Enviro challenges have driven tech change in the past. Today, he says, global warming is the major challenge..
  • Energy Sec. Chu - Extreme weather events increasing for 30 years, costing "real money" and causing "real suffering".
  • Energy Sec. Chu - "In every crisis lies the seed of opportunity."
  • Energy Sec. Chu - Cost of #wind power is plummeting, may become competitive with new natural gas power in 10 years
  • Energy Sec. Chu - The price of #solar is plunging, goal is $1/watt fully installed with Sun Shot initiative
  • Energy Sec. Chu talking "soft costs." Asks, Why can't #solar PV installation be handled like gas water heater installation?
  • Energy Sec.Chu - Huge uncertainty on future price of #oil Need to get less dependent on oil via EVs, plug-in hybrids, etc.
  • Energy Sec.Chu - There's opportunity for a business to allow all Americans to have rooftop #solar and get off the grid