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Revolutionizing Renewable Energy - Robin Laine

2 min. read

As listeners know, our show engages CEOs in conversations that harvest best practices and usable tips to successfully build, run and lead companies. Our diverse lineup has featured power sector veterans, techies, individuals with finance and energy trading backgrounds, among others. Now, we introduce our first CEO with an environmental consulting background, Robin Laine. She’s also possibly the youngest CEO we’ve had on the show.

Robin now runs the renewable SaaS company Transect. She founded her company with a mission to revolutionize the way traditional environmental consulting firms evaluate potential development sites for renewable energy projects. After dedicating 11 years to three different traditional environmental consulting firms, Robin recognized the need for change. 

Here are Robin’s B3P’s (Big Three Points) from the show:

8:31 – Working in clean energy fosters a unique and collaborative environment, driven by a shared commitment to save our planet. Due to the industry's rapid technological advancements, we work in a space with creative mindsets and problem solvers.

11:00 – As a new CEO, having a clear "why" is crucial. It helps overcome fundraising rejections, challenges with early clients, and product criticism. It’s also important to aim for your product to be 10x better than the current solution.

27:34 – The energy transition has the current administration's support. We also have both the appeal of capitalism and public opinion urging the private sector to rapidly expand power generation and integrate it into the grid. This creates a positive momentum for the transition.

Thank you for speaking with us, Robin.


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