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Electric Power Industry Leader - Hala Ballouz

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In our most recent Scaling Clean episode, we talk with Hala Ballouz, who has spent the last 15 years growing Electric Power Engineers – EPE, as it’s known among developers – from a consultancy of 10 staff to a national presence of over 200 grid connection experts.

Hala is the CEO of two companies, EPE and ENER-i.AI. She has also led both GridNEXT and the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Alliance. In her current role, she helps developers connect to the increasingly complex power grid through both consulting services and SaaS offerings. 

Here are our 3BP’s (Big 3 Points) from Hala:

3:38 - Young professionals aspiring to be CEOs one day should first slow down to take the time to find what they are genuinely passionate about. Once established, say “yes” to new opportunities whenever possible.

4:21 - For all the young women running a business, don’t be too critical of yourself. There is nothing they can’t do. Always remember that. 

13:44 - When hiring, look for people who are motivated to drive on their own. Businesses should value candidates who are aligned with their approach to drive business growth - and to test through case studies during the interview process. 

Thank you for speaking with us, Hala. 


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