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Clean Energy Leader - Stephen Lacey

on • 2 min. read

#Cleantechers –

My most recent Scaling Clean guest is someone I’ve known for 20 years, Stephen Lacey, who has a perspective on clean economy like no other. 

He’s covered our sector as an editor and early podcaster at Renewable Energy World, then editor-in-chief for Greentech Media, and now he's the founder of a new media and research company, Latitude Media. Stephen's not only covered our CEO audience, he's joined their ranks as a founder.

Here are Stephen’s B3P’s:

3:58 - People used to view the clean energy industry as “other.” Now, it is a multi-trillion dollar transition that has changed the business models of energy companies across the globe. People now take the transition seriously. 

8:48 - The mindset shift from managing one team to running a business with 3+ teams is very different. As a business owner, you need to use your management skills to devote your attention to each team, while how ensuring they work together into one cohesive unit. 

19:32: This industry has dramatically expanded, and incumbents sectors are nervous. But we need to double the trillions of dollars we are already putting into the global energy transition if we are to avert the worst of the climate crisis. That said, if pessimism causes us to lose our ability to fight, we’ve lost. 

Thank you, Stephen, for coming on the show. 


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