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Building a Successful Cleantech Company with Mark Bassett - Scaling Clean Ep. 3

2 min. read

We're up with our third episode of Scaling Clean, where I spoke with former CEO of Hemlock Semiconductor, Mark Bassett. During his impressive tenure, Mark saw sales surge even in the face of the COVID recession. He’s worked most of his career in heavy, mature industries, including 11 years rising through the ranks of Dow Chemical.

And he’s actually Dr. Mark Bassett, with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and 10 peer-reviewed journal articles on non-linear dynamics and chaos in electrochemical reactions. I thought all of that made him a compelling interview for our Scaling Clean listeners, given how many companies in our sectors are growing manufacturing firms with a highly technical product line.

You can listen to the entire interview here, but the major highlights are skimmable below:

  • 7:22 – The business case against being a hard-driving, as--ole CEO. 
  • 11:32 – A four-part test for evaluating team members.
  • 13:04 – Why hiring is a crapshoot – and what to do about it.
  • 17:56 - The effective CEO doesn’t just build team and foster culture, he or she reduces work.

Thanks to Mark Bassett for his time. Thanks also to the wonderful members of his team we’ve gotten to know in the last several years: Brooke Beebe, Steven Holty, Michael Parr, Peter Molinaro, Phil Rausch, and Phil Dembowski.

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