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An Expert in "Breadth of Development" Kimberlee Centera - Scaling Clean Ep. 8

2 min. read

We designed this show to bring you wisdom from experienced company leaders, and this episode won’t disappoint.  

What kinds of people skills would you have if your firm had helped over 10,000 renewable energy projects get built across the U.S.? What if you had been in the room, so to speak, when hundreds of different communities decided to host or reject a proposed renewable energy farm?  

Most of us would see that experience as invaluable. And you’d be right. My guest today is Kimberlee Centera, who by any measure can be described as an “OC,” an “original cleantecher.” Kimberlee’s been involved in land use questions her entire professional life. If you look up “breadth of development” experience in Wikipedia, Kimberlee’s photo ought to be the visual.  

That’s why we were thrilled to have Kimberlee on Scaling Clean. Here are the highlights for our conversation with this long-time cleantech leader:   

  • 5:35 – In developing your leadership skills, it’s tough to address weaknesses, but you can build your strengths.  
  • 8:00 – Ask your boss how he/she sees your growth. Don’t assume he or she is paying attention.  
  • 9:20 – The work world has changed some – but not enough – for women since she started her career.  
  • 16 – Clean economy’s volatility and risk make it different than working in more mature sectors.  
  • 18:40 – How corporate values makes hiring easier, and why you can’t coach character.  
  • 24:16 – Key advice for the new CEO: There’s power in humility and listening. Talk last in the meeting.   
  • 29:15 – Innovations + new talent coming into cleantech make her a clean economy optimist. 

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