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A Career in Impacful Investing w/ Jennifer Von Bismarck - Scaling Clean Ep. 18

2 min. read

Most of our guests to date have led companies that develop renewable energy plants, sell cleantech equipment, or provide energy services. But today our guest is a pure play. She's a career-long investor who served in leadership positions at sequential investment funds, and she now serves as the co-founder and CEO of the DC-based Galway Sustainable Capital. Jennifer Von Bismarck's shop invests in companies, projects and assets that drive environmental and social resilience at the local level. I wanted to learn from Jennifer how a career in investment shaped her views on running a successful company.

  • 7:33 - Rather than always trying to insulate your company from failure, build a team that will excel and bounce back when things go wrong (it’s inevitable.)
  • 10:27 - Her advice for recent grads and early career professionals: to find fulfillment in your job, you should be dedicated to exploration throughout your whole career.
  • 16:15 - There is a huge opportunity for farmers to make additional streams of income from leasing their land to solar and wind farms.
  • 26:10 - Her go-to hiring question: “What do you get excited about?”

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