Success Stories

Ceres: Engaging state policymakers with an integrated advocacy campaign

Challenge: Several state renewable energy policies were at risk, including a Renewable Portfolio Standard in Ohio and a bill to help expand solar power in North Carolina. We needed to engage constituents in key states to help swing the pendulum in favor of clean energy policies. 

Topics: advocacy

Micro-Targeting Policymakers with Digital Video Ads

Challenge: During the past few years, an unfavorable political environment and attacks by entrenched interests were providing eroding support for various clean energy sources. Building on the progress of A Renewable America's field and traditional PR efforts to counter this trend, we needed a creative and impactful way to continue pushing clean energy out of the culture wars. 

Topics: A Renewable America

Expanding a Brand Globally

Challenge: Sungevity, an Oakland-based national residential solar installer, needed a standout event to launch its international brand. Republic of Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed needed to draw attention to the threat of rising sea levels to his low-lying country. Sungevity seized the opportunity to not only install solar panels on the presidential palace, but also to enlist President Nasheed – a former electrician – to lend a hand with the installation.

Topics: Sungevity

Using a Product Launch as a Brand Builder

Challenge: After a European launch of its newest panel received minimal attention, Trina Solar wanted to showcase the product in the U.S. market. But the company faced an industry downturn and little perceived difference between competing manufacturers’ panels.

Solution: We designed and executed a U.S. product launch plan, showcasing the new Trina Solar panel as the lead component in a trio of new offerings that demonstrated the company’s commitment to being a full-service provider. In executing the plan, we:

Topics: Trina Solar

Shifting Solar Industry Coverage Away from the Negative Solyndra Story to a Positive Jobs Story

Challenge: When The Solar Foundation (TSF) released its second annual National Solar Jobs Census, it faced a number of challenges in getting media attention. TSF released the report in a crowded news environment, including the intense coverage of the high-profile Solyndra bankruptcy that had called clean-energy growth into question. But

Topics: The Solar Foundation

Getting Policymakers’ Attention

The Challenge: Joby Energy was in the process of developing a visionary, high-altitude wind generation technology. The company was at a critical stage in its development. Founder and CEO JoeBen Bevirt sought government support for his cutting-edge technology, which requires restricted airspace within which to operate. Joby Energy chose Tigercomm

Topics: Joby Energy

Helping Launch a Clean Economy Incubator

The Challenge: The Clean Economy Development Center is a non-profit clean economy incubator and a first-of-its-kind project that connects investors, construction trades and energy efficiency entrepreneurs. Its mission is to knock down market barriers and build demand for energy efficiency solutions. The Center has the additional challenge of explaining a

Topics: Clean Economy Development Center

Helping a Solar Start Up Scale Globally

The Challenge: With proven technology and fully integrated capabilities, Ausra was poised to deploy its equipment globally. In the capital-intensive power industry, cleantech start-up companies face customer concerns about finance growth and equipment performance guarantees. Ausra needed a strategic partner to finance and support its growth. In 2008, Ausra began

Topics: AREVA Solar

Breaking Through on an International Stage

Challenge: The solar industry used the December 2009 global warming treaty talks in Copenhagen to press the case for solar as a solution to climate change, the first time it did so at a United Nations sponsored event. Tigercomm's client, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) tasked Tigercomm with breaking through the fierce competition of more than 15,000 non-governmental organizations trying to get media attention at the contentious negotiations. We also had to navigate the logistical problem of communicating with an audience and reporters, that for the most part, were 4000 miles and five time zones from the conference.

Tigercomm responded to the challenge by:

Topics: Solar Energy Industries Association

Local Media Generation

Challenge: SCHOTT, a German-headquartered company, wanted to build the identity of its North American solar PV business unit as a strong business partner of the communities that host its manufacturing operations.

Topics: SCHOTT North America