Communications Planning and Capacity Building

    Communications Planning and Capacity Building

    In today’s attention-scarce environment, you can’t break through to customers and investors without smart communications planning and the capacity to create and leverage media opportunities. Our people understand planning and capacity building because they were communicators for companies or organizations before they joined our team. We deliver on this core competency in three ways:

    Message development
    Companies, brands, and products have a lot to say. The right words and the right pacing can mean the difference between taking the lead or hanging with the rest of the pack. In an industry where everybody is “innovative” and
    “cost-effective,” we hone in on what sets your business apart in the eyes of customers, investors, and government decision makers. By focusing on your specific objectives and a well-defined set of decision makers, we help you to identify the language that connects and differentiates you from the competition.

    Planning and running effective communications programs

    A great message isn’t valuable without a strategy to get it before key decision makers. Repeatedly. One great magazine cover story or product review isn’t enough. You need a constant flow of communications that tells your story through multiple channels and reaches your audience. We pull from our deep experience to build a customized strategy that will generate a steady stream of attention to move a targeted group of customers or investors to act.

    Our founder’s strategic planning process has been refined over the last 20 years to bring a ruthless efficiency to the tasks of identifying objectives, defining the audience, and planning the actions that will generate the attention of the people you need to reach. Our sound understanding and solid contacts in practically every form of media allow us to choose the right blend of channels to connect with your critical audiences.

    Media training
    After you’ve invested in developing the right message and strategy, we make sure you’re delivering it the right way. Our training programs have helped almost 2,000 people develop their message, give great interviews, and build sound public relations programs. Our curricula and training methods ensure that practically anyone – from executive to line manager – is prepared to communicate your message to target audiences. Whether it’s delivering rock solid speeches or presentations to being in control during print and broadcast media interviews, we empower your spokespeople to deliver your message on your terms.