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About Tigercomm

In 2004, we opened our doors to provide cleantech companies and investors with an intensive level of service designed especially for their needs.

We’ve become the top U.S. cleantech firm by:

  • Helping cleantech clients increase sales, build brands, and secure fair policies that expand markets. From pre-commercial startups to publicly traded global powerhouses, we specialize in generating attention for companies.
  • Using a customized blend of traditional and online communications channels for each client that leverages our extensive network of media, industry, and government contacts.
  • Building a service model featuring proactive, hands-on support by senior-level team members, each of whom has planned and run institutional communications and marketing programs before joining us.
  • Knowing that client success depends on acquiring a deep knowledge of the client’s needs, understanding the cleantech space and executing a well-designed, specialized plan with tailored messaging that integrates with the client’s operations.     
  • Earning the reputation as a strategic partner to cleantech leaders. Our goal is to work our way from being a vendor to a client’s valued strategic partner. Most of our client relationships last for years, because of our focus on driving results through clear plans and deliverables that support client growth.

Our Mission

We drive sustainability as a strategic partner to clean economy clients with complete communication services that expand sales, build brands and secure fair policies.     


Our Values 

  • (Y)our purpose is sustainability
  • Your work is a craft
  • Accountability counts
  • Breakthrough strategies
  • Pitch in
  • Own your professional growth. We will, too.


Ask any of our leadership team members to tell you more about how we can add value to your business.