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A Turning Point for the Solar Thermal Industry

The Challenge: Solar thermal energy industry leader Ausra was launching its first-ever U.S manufacturing facility. The company needed extensive local and national media coverage of the Las Vegas event to create a turning point for the solar thermal industry and open a gateway to subsequent projects.

Using Strategic Communications to Expand a Business Market

The Challenge: Solar thermal energy industry leader AREVA Solar (formerly Ausra) made a strategic decision to expand its business market beyond independent power production. The company needed to overcome the common perception that solar technology can only generate electricity. The company's next-generation technology can generate steam for use in countless industrial processes, including enhanced oil recovery, food processing and desalination.

Creating Dynamic Websites

The Challenge: We design and run websites for clients with a variety of needs. Whether you need a website to be a hub for your campaign efforts, spread the word about your issue or serve your constituents' needs, let us know how we can help.

Rebutting Negative Attacks

The challenge: Pennsylvania Democrats were accused of using public money to pay legislative staffers huge bonuses in return for political work. The scandal had the potential to stain incumbents and put challengers for the state House in untenable positions. Our task was to neutralize this scandal as a campaign issue.