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When It Comes to Pushing State Renewable Energy Goals Higher, Tom Steyer's On a Roll

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Want some good news on the clean energy front? See below for the winning streak that leading clean energy proponent Tom Steyer has been on recently when it comes to pushing states towards more aggressive renewable energy goals.

First, PV Magazine reported:

...Last Thursday, Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona turned in 480,464 signatures to get an initiative calling for a 50% by 2030 renewable energy mandate on the November ballot.
This is 7% of the state’s overall population, and while the lists must still be combed over by the Secretary of State, this is more than double the amount needed to get on the ballot.
The initiative is backed by billionaire clean energy advocate Tom Steyer, who has sponsored similar initiatives in a number of states. And just as another Steyer-backed initiative drew Michigan utilities to the bargaining table to agree to a 25% by 2030 (or greater) renewable energy goals, Arizona utilities appear to be likewise responding – or at least the commissioners who are supposed to regulate them are.

Second, as mentioned in the previous clip, Steyer was also successful in Michigan:

Through its account on Twitter, NextGen America declared...it scored a "big win for clean energy in Michigan" after the two main utilities there, DTE Energy and Consumers Energy, agreed to work toward a closer goalpost on renewable energy.

From Missouri to California, the group has lobbied for more renewable energy...
Both utilities said they were responding to initiatives led by Steyer's group by committing to use renewable energy for 25 percent of their power mix for consumers by 2030. State law called for 15 percent renewables by 2021.

And then there's Nevada, where Steyer's "Nevadans for a Clean Energy Future" announced on June 18 that they "they expect to hand in roughly 230,000 signatures supporting [the proposed constitutional amendment seeks to more than double the amount of solar, wind and other types of renewable energy currently provided by the state’s electric companies]...roughly twice the tally needed to qualify for November’s ballot."

These are big wins for clean energy at the state level, as well as a further sign that renewable energy continues to be our future.

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