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Former FERC Chair, VP of Spruce Finance Demolish Fallacious Arguments Against Rooftop Solar

As we say in the battle over net metering, distributed energy resources (DER) and net metering in Nevada recently, opponents of clean energy scaling continue to spew out Arguments Against Rooftop Solar such as disinformation, distortions and demonstrable falsehoods. Unfortunately, in the case of Nevada, that campaign appears to have had some success, with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) all but destroying rooftop solar in the state. As the New York Times reported:

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Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Demand Response "gives clean energy a huge boost"

The Supreme Court issued an important ruling earlier today in a case that affirmed FERC Order 745, which "calls for demand response to be compensated like other generators in wholesale energy markets." The 6-2 verdict in favor of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) was, among other things, a major victory for U.S. providers of energy conservation services (e.g., EnerNOC, whose "jumped as much as 84 percent in New York trading"). It is simultaneously a major defeat for big power producers such as "NRG Energy Inc., FirstEnergy Corp., Talen Energy Corp., Calpine Corp., Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. and American Electric Power Co."

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Nevadans Demonstrate Strong Support for Rooftop Solar: Will State Leaders Listen?

By Dylan Gasperik, Video Production Manager and Account Executive at Tigercomm

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"Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies could be a massive double win"

We wrote recently about how, despite the urgent need for the world to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, they continue at "an eye-watering $452 billion every year." Imagine if that $452 billion was used to promote a rapid transition to a clean, sustainable energy economy, instead of more climate-and-environment-destroying, carbon-based fuels?  A Reuters story last week explains further what these fossil fuel subsidies could be used for, focusing specifically on eight "industrialized" nations, including the United States.

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Fossil-Fuel Power Industry Hopes to Exploit Syrian Refugee Crisis to Push Pro-Polluter Provisions Through Congress

In case you missed it, this story came out just before Thanksgiving.

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Conservative Speakers at Clean Energy Summit Tout Virtues of Clean Energy

Recently, speakers at the Conservative Clean Energy Summit discussed their support for renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on solar power. Important arguments made at the summit by leading conservative voices included:

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Leading By Example, California Agencies Help Cool the Planet


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Checks and Balances Project Sues For Access to Commissioner Bob Stump’s Taxpayer-Funded Phone


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Washington Post Story Highlights Checks & Balances Project’s Work to Expose Anti-Clean-Energy, Pro-Polluter Front Group

A few days ago, the Washington Post highlighted the unanswered questions about the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), which has been an opponent of climate action and clean energy solutions. However, what looks like a group appears to mostly comprise Harry C. Alford, his wife, Kay, and a few of his family members.

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Isn’t it Time Fossil Fuels “Stood on Their Own Two Feet?”

by Mike Casey, Tigercomm President

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