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2018 Set To Be a Banner Year For Energy Storage

1 min. read

A new report published last week by GTM Research and the Washington, D.C.-based Energy Storage Association reveals a bullish forecast for the energy storage industry in the year ahead.

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Polling Finds that Millennials Want Clean Energy, Climate Action

1 min. read

new poll by the Alliance for Market Solutions, as highlighted by ThinkProgress, finds overwhelming support for taking climate action. According to the poll of 800 registered voters age 18-35:

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Corporations Broadening their Approach to Buying Clean Energy

1 min. read

Following passage of tax cut legislation at the end of 2017, Greentech Media reports, "Much of the conversation in clean energy circles..has revolved around a potential shrinking of the tax equity market -- which accounts for between 40 percent and 60 percent of finance for individual solar and wind projects -- because of the reduction in value of renewables credits." According to Greentech Media, however, it appears that - so far at least -  corporate America is showing "continued interest in direct renewables investments." 

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U.S. Offshore Wind Gaining Momentum by the Gigawatt

4 min. read

For many years, the U.S. treaded water as it watched Europe race ahead on offshore wind power (OSW). But in 2018, the clean energy sector is surging with gigawatts (literally) on this side of the Atlantic. Stephanie McClellan, director of the Special Initiative on Offshore Wind at the University of Delaware, captures it well in a new column at Renewable Energy World. Here are a few items from that commentary and elsewhere that caught our eyes:

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CleanTechnica Calls Out Slanted, Biased Article on Wind Power

2 min. read

Earlier this week, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported on a new study "by researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [which] found that more than 9 in 10 people who live close to wind turbines view them positively or neutrally." Yet a recent series by GateHouse Media, ominously entitled "In the Shadow of Wind Farms," somehow manages to find the 8% of people who view wind farms negatively and to focus exclusively on them, not on the 92% who are either positive or neutral about neighboring wind farms. 

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Apex Clean Energy Helps Sioux Nation Invest in Wind Power

0 min. read

Apex Clean Energy has a great story about the Sioux Nation investing in wind power. Check out the video, below, which explains how "the winds that blow across millions of acres of tribal land in South Dakota are some of the strongest in the country," and how "[s]ix tribes of the Sioux Nation united to form the Oceti Sakowin Power Authority (OSPA) with hopes of harnessing that wind to generate clean energy and a brighter, more independent future." According to Apex Clean Energy, "The wind farms will contribute millions of dollars to the tribes and create jobs on the reservations, preserving the health, sovereignty, and culture of the Sioux Nation for years to come." And wind power, of course, is a 100% renewable, clean energy source, unlike the polluting, finite oil transported via the Dakota Access Pipeline, which the Standing Rock Sioux and others have fought for years.

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Jayesh Goyal of Younicos Examines Impact of Explosive EV Growth

1 min. read

Over at Renewable Energy World, Jayesh Goyal of Younicos has an interesting article examining the growth in electric vehicles (EVs) and the potential impact of this growth on C&I energy managers. According to Goyal, “C&I energy managers will want to keep an eye on EV growth, because five accelerating trends could put EV impacts right on the driveway of the way they operate.” The five trends Goyal identifies are:

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Takeaways From Tigercomm’s Cleantech Leaders Survey

3 min. read

By Mike Casey and Noah Ginsberg

What were cleantech leaders thinking in 2017?

Earlier in the year, Tigercomm conducted a Cleantech Leaders Survey to shed light on the major trends that leading cleantech executives are seeing in the industry. All the participants were current CEOs, presidents, board members, or managing directors of leading cleantech companies.These views were gathered before passage of the major tax bill; nonetheless, we believe their insights remain relevant and illuminating, given the tax bill’s minimal impact on the companies these leaders run.

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Tax Experts: Renewables Come Out Ahead on Recent Tax Overhaul

6 min. read

As the House and Senate passed their respective versions of tax legislation, renewables advocates and tax experts sounded the alarm: The original versions could cripple the wind and solar industries. The major trade groups, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), jointly wrote that the original legislation would lead to a “devastating reduction in wind and solar energy investment and development.”  

But the final product as signed this week avoided any major blows. According to the many tax policy and industry experts we read or talked to, the tax bill might be even a net positive for the two industries.

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From Green to Clean: Introducing Tigercomm’s Rebranded, “ScalingClean” Blog

1 min. read

Returning visitors to the Tigercomm blog will likely notice that something is different here: Tigercomm has rebranded our blog. Previously known as “ScalingGreen,” we are excited to bring you future content and insights from “ScalingClean.”

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