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State of the Clean Energy Industry - ACP 2021 Market Report

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While we were at #CLEANPOWER22 last week, American Clean Power Association (ACP) released their 2021 Market Report. This one is interactive, with some interesting graphics – I encourage you to check it out. 
My major takeaway from this report is the imperative role renewable projects play in raising community revenue. "Land lease payments serve as a drought-proof cash crop that provides a stable income for American farmers, ranchers and private landowners. The tax revenue that clean energy projects bring to communities means new income to repair roads, invest in schools and fund essential services."  
As we saw in our survey with Embold Research, the benefits of these renewables plants are vastly under communicated to the rural, often conservative counties that host them.  
A few other interesting takeaways: 

  • In 2021, the clean power industry paid an estimated $1.2 billion in state and local taxes, and nearly $1.3 billion in land-lease payments to landowners across the U.S.
    • My question: How many statewide elected officials know and appreciate that reality?
  • Almost 80% of clean power generating capacity is in low-income counties.
  • There are 35 states in the ‘gigawatt club,’ and 10 states now have 5 GW or more installed. 

    BUT: Our current pace only provides 35% of the progress needed for a zero-pollution grid by 2035. 
    This ACPA report does a good job outlining the current state of our energy landscape and its pitfalls. However, it leaves the door open for potential solutions.
    What’s the #1 big move we need to see to reach our capacity goals? We asked one of our podcast guests that very question today. His answer will be informative, as he’s one of the foremost cleantech trends trackers in the world. Stay tuned for that!