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Join Us For Our 2nd Cleantech Leaders Roundtable Investors Zoomcast

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Hello #cleantechers
If you like our quarterly roundtables with cleantech editors, reporters, and podcasters, then check out our second quarterly CTLR Investors Roundtable.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 1) 2-3 PM EST, we’re convening these investors for an hour of valuable insights. This series was inspired by Tigercomm's 16 quarterly convenings of cleantech editors, reporters, and podcasters, including from the main stage at last year's RE+ trade show in Anaheim. 

We like to say that our editors give us a breadth of view, while our podcasters give us a depth of view. But the investors you’ll hear from have perhaps the deepest expertise of any group we assemble. They see our sectors through the lens of our financial aspirations, expressed through the hundreds of pitches they hear and evaluate.
A special thanks to my friend, Andrea Luecke, the Executive Director of the Cleantech Leaders Roundtable – or “CTLR,” for short. CTLR is the official sponsor of this convening, and as the “First Member” of CTLR, it’s a particular honor for her to ask me to moderate this series. I know co-founders Jigar Shah and Jacob Susman are proud of this milestone as well. 
Check out this terrific panel for our Q1 2023 Quarterly CTLR Investors Roundtable Zoomcast. Then register at the link below, and send any questions you have for the panelists to sarvi@tigercomm.us.

Register in advance for this webinar: