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CleanTechnica Launches 3-Part Series Reporting On Our Micromobility Analysis

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CleanTechnica is starting a 3-part series reporting on our micromobility analysis, which was one of our most ambitious undertakings to date. We spent roughly a year analyzing the public affairs programs and the digital content from the top e-scooter and bike companies, otherwise known as the "micromobility” sector.

We did this without conflicts in the space, and we self-funded this entire analysis. It’s important to us to state here that we undertook this analysis as fans of micromobility, and one of the two authors (Mike) uses his own “last mile” vehicle to get to work on a weekly basis.

CleanTechnica is devoting a three-part series to our analysis. The first story is here, the second here and the third here. We encourage you to download the full analysis.

Big H/Ts to Nat Schub and Jamie Meckley, who did some very heavy lifting to get this analysis ready for prime time. Thanks also to the roughly one dozen people in the micromobility companies who reacted to our findings and helped improve our presentation. While we’re keeping our promise to keep the specific conversations confidential, we want to be public with our gratitude. You know who you are. Know that we’re grateful.


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