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5th Quarterly Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable Coming This Week

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#Cleantechers, this Thursday at 2:30 EST, we’ll host the 5th Quarterly Cleantech Podcasters Roundtable.

As a cleantech PR firm, we convene a quarterly conversation with several leading podcasters to discuss what’s new, trending and impactful for your business. Yours truly will moderate, and our friends at SunCast Media will host.

This week, our roundtable participants will be:

These convenings have become a destination for those involved in cleantech communications. We plan on covering topics such as the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Senator Joe Manchin’s big “no” to climate progress legislation, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and escalating attacks by pro-fossil fuel pundits.

What else do you want us to cover? Please send/DM me questions you want us to discuss.

You can register here.