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Georgia Solar Energy Association: "Solar creates jobs and contributes to our economy"

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Since the Solar Jobs Census 2016 by The Solar Foundation came out back in February, there has been a slew of coverage in states across the country about the jobs solar power is bringing to particular states. For instance, see Virginia sees 65 percent increase in solar jobs, Report: Solar jobs growth hot in Utah, more than twice national average, Solar job growth exploding in NM, Indiana is proof of country's solar boom and many more. Also check out this article on solar jobs growth in Georgia, published yesterday, by Don Moreland of the Georgia Solar Energy Association. According to Moreland:

  • "Georgia’s booming utility-scale solar development, ranked 12th in the U.S., has boosted  the economies of our rural counties in the form of property and ad valorem taxes...utility-scale solar has been a boon for our entire state’s economy."
  • "While the majority of Georgia’s solar growth to this point has been in large, utility-scale solar farms, the future growth of the industry almost certainly will be in the residential and commercial rooftop solar sector, which is only beginning to take root here."
  • "Solar energy works here in Georgia. Solar creates jobs and contributes to our economy with considerable room to continue to grow."
  • "Supportive policies such as the recent 'Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act,' are a great start, but policymakers can do more to remove superfluous barriers and promote a free market environment so solar can continue to blossom into a significant job-creating sector for Georgia."

The bottom line is that solar power is growing fast because of its strong technological, economic and environmental advantages, but will grow even faster with government policies that allow for a level playing field vis-a-vis fossil fuels. We look forward to the 2017 Solar Jobs Census for more good news from the booming U.S. solar power industry.


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