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Largest Residential Energy Storage Fleet to Date is Planned for California

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Energy storage continues to boom, along with clean energy; check out this exciting news!

Swell Energy, a residential energy storage developer and aggregator, was founded on the belief that homeowners will play a central role in enabling a clean energy future. Now, this idea has received a big endorsement from California’s second-largest utility, Southern California Edison (SCE)....

Through this new partnership with SCE, Swell will install and aggregate thelargest network of dispatchable residential batteries announced to date...

...Participating homeowners will experience the peace of mind that comes from having a backup power system in the event of a blackout. When paired with solar PV, homeowners will also be able to generate and use their own clean energy, even at night and during power outages. Additionally, Swell’s energy app will enable participants to monitor and control the use, storage, and generation of electricity in their home.

Swell Energy is thrilled to be working with utilities such as SCE to craft win, win, win programs that benefit homeowners, utilities, and society, by advancing a more sustainable and innovative model of energy. Swell’s mission is to make the relationship between homeowners and utilities collaborative. This pilot program signals the beginning of a new era, in which homeowners can pro-actively contribute to a clean, distributed energy system that strengthens our power grid and enables the integration of increasing amounts of renewable energy.

P.S. To learn more about Swell Energy - "just some energy nerds in California with a dream of energy independence for everyone"- see here.

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