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New DOE Report, Video Highlight Clean Energy Technologies "Revolution...Now"

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Hot off the presses, a new report and video (see below) by the U.S. Department of Energy showcase "the accelerated deployment of five clean energy technologies: wind turbines, solar technologies for both utility-scale and distributed photovoltaic (PV), electric vehicles (EVs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs)." For highlights from the report, see below the video.

According to the new report from the US Department of Energy:

  • Wind Power is Booming: "Land-based wind accounted for 41 percent of all new capacity brought online in 2015. Overall, wind generated enough electricity to power more than 17 million households."
  • So Is Utility-Scale Solar Power: "Utility-scale solar PV represented 15 percent of all newly installed electricity generation capacity in 2015. Overall utility-scale PV generated enough electricity to power over 2 million homes."
  • Rooftop Solar Costs Have Been Plummeting: "Distributed solar PV has reached one million rooftop installations on homes and businesses after experiencing a 54 percent reduction in overall costs since 2008."
  • Clean Energy is Dominating New Power Generation Capacity: "In total, wind and solar accounts for two-thirds of all new, U.S. installed electricity capacity."
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting is Growing by Leaps and Bounds: "Installation of LED A-type bulbs exceeded 200 million through 2015 - growing 160 percent over 2014."
  • Electric Vehicle Sales are Accelerating: "Total sales of electric vehicles (EV) has soared closer to the half million mark with 490,000 EVs on the road as of August 2016."
  • The Growth in Cleantech is Resulting in Big Environmental, Economic and Health Benefits: "Solar power saved 17 million metric tons of CO2 in 2014 – leading to reduced water consumption and decreased air pollution that equate to nearly $700 million in environmental savings.  LEDs use 85 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and projections show that increased installation could allow for up to $630 billion in energy saving for American’s between now and 2035."
  • More Cutting-Edge Clean Technologies Are On the Way: "In addition to these five rapidly growing technologies, the report also discusses four emerging technologies. These additional technologies – fuel cells, grid-connected batteries, energy management systems and big area additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3-D printing – are on the cusp of wider deployment in the coming years. As these technologies become even more cost-effective and widely available, the economic and environmental benefits will grow."
  • Conclusion - The Clean Energy Revolution is Happening Right Now: "The clean energy technologies highlighted here are transforming how our nation produces and uses energy. While challenges exist for these technologies, it is clear they are not long-term opportunities, but a significant part of the energy landscape right now. We can and should plan on using them to clean our air, drive energy independence, and help build an economy that is more competitive and more efficient, all while reducing carbon pollution"
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