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Compare and Contrast: As "Clean Coal" Fails, Google Doubles Clean Energy to Its Power Centers

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It's fascinating to watch as fossil fuels and clean energy head in opposite directions, the former on a rapid downhill trajectory, while the latter skyrockets. Compare and contrast the following two articles, for instance, from today's Energy Guardian.

  1. 'Clean Coal' technology fails to capture world's attention: "The Kemper County power plant was supposed to be up and running by now, showing the world how to burn coal without spewing climate-warming carbon pollution into the air. Instead, the coal plant towering over pine trees and pastures in rural Mississippi is looking like another monument to the unfulfilled promise of carbon capture technology."
  2. Google ups ante, nearly doubles bet on renewable energy: "The long-term commitments announced Thursday cover up to 842 megawatts of power that will flow from six different wind and solar power projects scheduled to be finished within the next two years in the U.S., Chile and Sweden"

As for the coal industry more broadly, big banks are bailing, with the "Dow Jones U.S. Coal Index, which captures the stock prices of the largest coal companies," losing "a stunning 95% of its value since July 2011," and with "a number of coal companies hav[ing] filed for bankruptcy, including Alpha Natural Resources...Walter Energy...Patriot Coal and James River Coal." Seems like there might just be a pattern here.