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Fossil-Fuel Power Industry Hopes to Exploit Syrian Refugee Crisis to Push Pro-Polluter Provisions Through Congress

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In case you missed it, this story came out just before Thanksgiving.

A leaked recording made of a conference call hosted by the Edison Electric Institute, which lobbies for the power industry, reveals lobbyists for high pollution companies talking about how they can exploit the Syrian refugee crisis to get a rider inserted into a pending bill that would kill the EPA's Waters of the United States rule, which protects America's waterways from pollution.

That's right; while most of us were giving thanks for our families, friends, health, and other positive things in our lives, the fossil fuel folks were busy giving thanks for the Syrian refugee crisis, which they hope to use in order to "distract the [Obama] administration" and sneak pro-polluter, anti-environmental provisions through the legislative process. Fortunately, audio of their unseemly strategizing was leaked, so hopefully their strategy will fail. The scary thing is when you realize that these types of conversations by the fossil fuel industry occur all the time, with the vast majority never seeing the light of day.

Topics: Public Affairs