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As Canada's Tar Sands Industry Nears "Death Spiral," Canadian Government Keeps Pushing Hard for Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

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For a long time now, the Canadian government has been strongly promoting the Keystone XL tarsands export pipeline project.   That includes an aggressive lobbying push, a "$16 million marketing campaign," and even labeling anti-Keystone activists as "threats to [Canada's] national security."  The latest example of how hard the Canadian government has been pushing for this dirty, dangerous project was reported this week by the Wall Street Journal. Here's an excerpt.

One of the 2014 donations [to the Clinton Foundation] comes from a Canadian agency promoting the proposed Keystone pipeline, which is favored by Republicans and under review by the Obama administration. The Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development agency of Canada, a first-time donor, gave between $250,000 and $500,000. The donations, which are disclosed voluntarily by the foundation, are given only in ranges.

One of the agency’s priorities for 2014-2015 was to promote Keystone XL “as a stable and secure source of energy and energy technology,” according to the agency’s website. Mrs. Clinton’s State Department was involved in approving the U.S. government’s initial environmental-impact statement. Since leaving State, Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly declined to comment on Keystone.

The Canadian donation originated from an agency office separate from the one that advocates for Keystone XL, a Foundation spokesman said.

That last line is certainly creative. The bottom line is that, whatever "office" the pro-Keystone money is coming from, the source (the government of Canada) and intent (to do the bidding of TransCanada) are both clear. The real question, given that the tar sands industry could well be entering a "death spiral," is "why?"

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