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"Cromnibus" Budget Continues to Dole Out Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Welfare to the Fossil Fuel Industry

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As part of our continuing series on taxpayer-funded corporate welfare to the fossil fuel industry, we saw this article on Climate Progress ("6 Of The Worst Environmental Provisions In The ‘Cromnibus’ Spending Bill") and thought it worth highlighting.  A few key points on how this "cromnibus" budget continues to coddle our fossil fuel welfare bum friends include:

  • It would "allow the Ex-Im Bank and OPIC to finance coal-fired power plants abroad, despite the fact that the Ex-Im Bank adopted guidelines last year that prohibited the financing of most coal-fired power plants, unless they used carbon capture technology."
  • It cuts funding for the EPA, making it hard for the agency "which works on things such as cleaning up Superfund sites and enforcing basic public health protections," to keep an eye on what the fossil fuel industry's doing to our air and water.
  • It blocks funding to the Green Climate Fund, "an international fund aimed at helping developing nations deal with the impacts of climate change."

Clearly, none of this is smart public policy. To the contrary, about the only reason you'd pass provisions like the ones listed above is if your goal was to do the bidding of the fossil fuel industry and their well-paid lobbyists in Washington, DC.

Topics: Public Affairs