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Video: White House Solar Panels Evidence the Clean Energy Revolution Happening Right Now

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According to the White House, which now has solar panels on its roof for the first time in decades, "[s]olar power is an increasingly important building block on our path toward a clean energy future." U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz explains:

Solar panels on the White House I think are a really important message that solar is here. We are doing it, we are doing it, we can do a lot more. I am very bullish on the future of solar energy as a key part of our clean energy future....The clean energy revolution is not something for the distant future. It's happening right now and we want to capture that.

Cyrus Wadia of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy adds some more background:

Everything from the solar components to the inverter technology to the labor that put the panels on the roof was all American - domestic sourced and domestic made. It serves as a symbol that American technology in solar is available, it's reliable and it's ready for millions of Americans across the country...Every four minutes, some small business or home owner is going solar. In a sense, we're going through a transition here and the industry is going through a transition that we're just seeing the beginning of....You know, we need to diversify the clean energy portfolio as articulated in the President's Climate Action Plan, which we are actively engaged in now. And we also need to spur the economic sectors of the future. Last year alone we created over 23,000 new jobs in solar energy.

Finally, U.S. Department of Energy Director of Solar Tech, Minh Le, points out:

The President is basically doing what Americans all across the nation are doing right now. They're making the conscious choice to look for renewable energy like solar as the cheaper, cleaner, and preferred energy source for their homes and families.

These are exciting times for solar energy, whether it's going on the White House or your house!