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New Report: Fossil-Fuel'ed Climate Change "a severe risk to national security"

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If we needed any more reasons to move as quickly as possible from environment-destroying fossil fuels to clean energy, how about this?

The accelerating rate of climate change poses a severe risk to national security and acts as a catalyst for global political conflict, a report published Tuesday by a leading government-funded military research organization concluded.

The CNA Corporation Military Advisory Board found that climate change-induced drought in the Middle East and Africa is leading to conflicts over food and water and escalating longstanding regional and ethnic tensions into violent clashes. The report also found that rising sea levels are putting people and food supplies in vulnerable coastal regions like eastern India, Bangladesh and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam at risk and could lead to a new wave of refugees.

In addition, the report predicted that an increase in catastrophic weather events around the world will create more demand for American troops, even as flooding and extreme weather events at home could damage naval ports and military bases.

All of this yet again raises the question for U.S. politicians - what is their plan to get off of fossil fuels as soon as possible? That includes the leaders of highly vulnerable states like Florida, about which a new website and petition asks Gov. Rick Scott "What's Your Plan Gov?" We're all eagerly awaiting an answer to that crucial question.

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