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"Green energy just might be the country’s new political tough guy."

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According to The Wichita Eagle:

Green energy just might be the country’s new political tough guy.

It has taken on the deep pockets of Americans for Prosperity and won.

It has battled anti-tax powerhouse Grover Norquist and won.

And in Kansas, it came out a winner after a showdown against the powerful Kansas Chamber of Commerce.


So far, no state has repealed the regulations requiring utilities to use renewable energies such as wind or solar for power instead of coal plants spewing greenhouse gases.

Great stuff, but of course it doesn't mean that anti-clean-energy forces are giving up, or that the battle is even close to being won. In fact, as the Wichita Eagle article points out, the issue " likely will be revisited in Kansas next year," with some renewable energy supporters worrying that "if the Kansas law is repealed, green energy regulations will go down elsewhere." All of which simply means that we can't let our guard down, even if it seems like we've been winning most of the battles recently.