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Tesla Files in NJ Superior Court Over State Ban on Electric Vehicle Direct Sales

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A few weeks ago, we highlighted a blog post by Elon Musk of Tesla Motors calling out New Jersey for having "ended your right to purchase vehicles at a manufacturer store within the state." In Musk's open letter, he said that if you believe the auto dealer lobby's rationale that this is about "consumer protection," then "Gov. Christie has a bridge closure he wants to sell you!" Musk also said that "Tesla is 'evaluating judicial remedies to correct the situation.'" Now Tesla has moved ahead on that front.

In a statement accompanying the Superior Court filing, Tesla said today the commission had bowed to intense pressure from the state’s franchise auto dealers association, the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers.

Franchise dealers have an inherent conflict of interest in selling electric vehicles,” Tesla said in the filing. “In order to do so effectively, they would need to enthusiastically tout the reasons why electric vehicles are superior to gasoline vehicles. This is not something that they are going to do since gasoline vehicles represent virtually all of their revenue.”

Tesla's right, and we certainly hope they prevail in court.