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Anadarko Subsidiary Left Massive "Toxic Legacy" Across America

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When federal environmental cops look the other way, the outcome is not good. We're left cleaning up the mess decades later. For instance, see a frightening map of where Kerr-McGee polluted.

On Thursday, the Justice Department announced the biggest environmental settlement in history with Anadarko Petroleum, reaching a $5.15 billion deal to clean up dozens of sites across the United States and compensate more than 7,000 people living with the effects of the contamination.


So how many places were touched by Kerr-McGee's toxic legacy of uranium mining, wood treatment, rocket-fuel processing and other activities? Take a look at this map...

Click here to view the map of Kerr-McGee environmental sites. Note that Kerr-McGee's toxic legacy touches almost every state in the country. Also, why are we not surprised that Kerr-McGee is a subsidiary of an oil company?

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