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Canada's National Energy Board Audit: TransCanada Didn't Comply with Hazard ID, Risk Assessment, etc.

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File this article in the "not surprising yet disturbing nonetheless" category.

Canada’s energy-industry regulator has confirmed many of the complaints of a former engineer about substandard practices at TransCanada Corp., the giant pipeline company which wants to build the controversial Keystone XL pipeline through the United States.

Earlier this week, the National Energy Board (NEB) released an audit of TransCanada’s integrity-management system conducted after the complaints of whistleblower Evan Vokes were publicized through a CBC News investigation in October 2012.

“The board notes that a number of the allegations of regulatory non-compliance were identified and addressed by TransCanada only after the complainant’s allegations were made and were not proactively identified by the company’s management system,” the NEB audit report states.

The board found TransCanada didn’t comply with several key areas including hazard identification, risk assessment and control, inspection, and management review.

And we want to trust this company to safely carry dangerous, toxic tar sands oil across the U.S., including near communities and aquifers? To put it mildly, that doesn't sound like a smart plan.