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Camera Strapped to Tree Captures Year's Worth of "Dangerous" Coal Ash Wastewater Dumping into Ohio River

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File this one under the "we're not surprised" category.

Environmental groups announced their intent to sue a Kentucky coal ash plant for “unabated” dumping into the Ohio River on Monday, after a hidden camera they set up captured alleged illegal discharges of chemicals by the company.


The allegations against Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) are the latest in a series of controversies over coal-ash dumping. Last month, Duke Energy, the country’s largest electricity provider, spilled 35 million gallons of toxic coal-ash slurry into the Dan River. Coal ash contains high levels of arsenic, lead, selenium and other heavy metals that the EPA says can cause cancer, birth defects and respiratory problems.

The Sierra Club and EarthJustice say their soon-to-be-filed lawsuit against LG&E is based on time-lapse photography from a camera they strapped to a tree. The camera captured a year’s worth of images showing “dangerous” coal ash wastewater being dumped continuously into the Ohio River.

A spokesperson for LG&E said Monday the company hasn’t received the environmental groups’ notice of intent and won’t comment on pending litigation.

P.S. In related news, "A federal grand jury planned to convene Tuesday as part of a widening criminal investigation triggered by the massive Duke Energy coal ash spill that coated 70 miles of the Dan River with toxic sludge...Environmentalists had long complained about the level of coordination between Duke and North Carolina's regulators and lawmakers."

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