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Swords Into Plowshares? How About Coal Plants Into Solar Farms?

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We've all heard the expression about turning swords into plowshares.  How about turning coal plants into solar farms as the energy equivalent?  Here's an example that we hope will be widely emulated.

...renewable energy has started to take off in Mexico, with construction of the biggest solar power plant in Latin America, Aura Solar I — a 30-megawatt solar farm in La Paz, Mexico — the latest signal...

...In La Paz, where pollution from a dirty thermoelectric plant creates noxious air impacting resident’s lifestyles and well-being, the solar plant is a welcomed clean development. The $100 million project, which includes 132,000 solar panel-modules, is the first Mexican private enterprise of such a size to get a development bank loan and an agreement to sell its electricity to the grid.

Even better, as this article explains, the new solar power "is expected to replace output from local fossil-fuel facilities, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and particulates. In all, it will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60,000 tonnes a year." That includes "the aging Punta Prieta thermoelectric plant, which uses some of the dirtiest petroleum products on earth: a mix of cheap, low-grade fuel oil and expensive high-sulfur diesel." Sounds like a good trade-off to us!