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Goldman Sachs: Renewable Energy "at a transformational moment in time.”

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This is pretty much what we've been saying for ages now - clean energy is ready and able to transform the world.

Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has declared the renewable energy sector to be one of the most compelling and attractive markets -- and it's backing up its talk with $40 billion of made and planned investments.

Goldman Sachs is not the first big bank to talk up the renewable energy sector, or even “sustainable” investments. But it is one of the first to put real money behind it.

In 2012, the bank made a commitment to invest $40 billion in renewable energy, and it has made a number of large equity investments, over and above the normal advisory and fund-raising work that is the usual bread-and-butter revenue for investment banks such as Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs finds this market incredibly compelling,” Stuart Bernstein, who heads the bank’s clean-technology and renewables investment banking group, said in a recent interview. ”It is at a transformational moment in time.”