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Update #2 from Inaugural International Conference on Climate Change Communication in Beijing

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Yesterday, we posted an update from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication's (YPCCC) Inaugural International Conference on Climate Change Communication in Beijing, China.  Here's the latest update, courtesy of the YPCCC's Facebook page (bolding for emphasis of the key points):

Prof. Baowei ZHENG, Director of China Center for Climate ChangeCommunication (China4C), Renmin University:  We need to motivate society to realize reduced emissions goals and build a more beautiful China. We must understand  climate change communications pertains to all human development.

Prof. Qizheng ZHAO, President of School of Journalism, Renmin University: Chinese people can no longer avoid climate change issues. In one week of Summer 2013, Shanghai’s temperatures four times exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. We need to understand that we are all stakeholders of climate change; no one is a bystander.

Mr. Wei SU, Lead of Climate Change Department, National Development and Reform Commission, China: The international community have raised their expectations of China’s responsibility. Since 2008, the Chinese government publishes an annual climate change report to understand mistakes and achievements. China is the first country in the world to establish a national low carbon day to support efforts to combat climate change.

Prof. Xiangwan DU, Chair of the National Climate Change Expert Committee: The essence of addressing climate change is to change the path of development. Low carbon development will not restrict China’s economic development.

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