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Two...Make that THREE...Encouraging Stories on Electric Vehicles

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We thought we'd spotlight two encouraging items related to electric vehicles this morning, both from Virginia.

First, the Virginian Pilot reports:

Tesla Motors, whose high-performance electric cars have wowed buyers, confirmed Wednesday that it has reached an agreement with the state that will pave the way for its first dealership in Northern Virginia. Tesla has a location in Tysons Corner but under state law had been allowed only to showcase its cars there, not sell them.

The agreement came late last week. It clears the way for the automaker to get a license from the Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board to sell its electric cars at one location in Northern Virginia and operate an associated service center, according to James Chen, director of public policy and associate general council for Tesla.

Chen said Tesla will file its plans with the dealer board as soon as possible, although he didn’t specify when. “We’re not going to let the grass grow beneath our feet,” he added.

That's good enough news, but perhaps even better in some ways, check out the next story, Virginia Builder Including EV-Ready Outlet in New Homes:

Capital City Builders LLC, a closely held luxury-home builder based in McLean, Virginia, is including outlets for electric-vehicle chargers as a standard feature in new houses.

Capital City has built a $3.7 million home with a 240-volt charger-ready outlet in the metropolitan Washington area, Managing Partner Ali Khazai said in a telephone interview today. U.S. sales of EVs doubled in the first half of this year as carmakers expanded their offerings, according to the U.S. Energy Department.

After looking at the Teslas and some of the products Ford and Chevy are bringing out, they’re here to stay,” Khazai said. “It’s time to make this a standard thing.” The company is planning at least two additional homes that will support chargers.

Now, we just need to switch all those homes to solar and wind power, and we'll really be in great shape!

P.S. Also see Electric Vehicles Speeding Toward 7% Of All Global Sales By 2020 for more good news on EVs.