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AWEA Debunks Popular, Fossil-Fuel-Funded Myth About Wind Turbines

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There's so much disinformation spewed out there by the fossil fuel industry against clean energy, it's hard to debunk it all, let alone in a timely fashion. That's why it's so helpful to have sites like the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) "Into the Wind" blog, where they set the record straight about various lies put out their by big oil, coal, etc. For instance, "One of the common myths deployed by opponents of clean energy is that wind energy’s environmental benefits are significantly reduced by the energy and carbon expended on manufacturing and installing wind turbines."  AWEA promptly demolishes that one.

Fortunately, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory recently compiled the results of all peer-reviewed publications on lifecycle emissions for different energy sources. Unsurprisingly, wind energy fared far better than all conventional sources of energy, and better than nearly all other renewable sources of energy. Including all lifecycle emissions factors, wind energy’s emissions are a few percent of the emissions of fossil-fueled energy sources, as indicated in the chart below. As usual, attacks on clean energy do not hold up to scrutiny.

Great job by AWEA on debunking that myth. The problem, though, is the sheer volume of anti-clean-energy lies churned out by an extremely wealthy, politically powerful fossil fuel industry, one that has been entrenched and profitable (in significant part at taxpayer expense) for a century or more. The fact is, these people aren't going to cede their heretofore dominant position in the energy sector to "upstarts" like wind and solar without a fight. The question is, how effectively will clean energy fight back against the lies, distortions, and disinformation?  The fossil fuel industry is playing to win; clean energy must do so as well.