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Yale Project on Climate Change Communications: "Ohioans Support Switching to Clean Energy Sources"

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The Yale Project on Climate Change Communications (YPCCC) is out with the latest in its continuing series on Americans' attitudes towards clean energy and climate change. This time, the focus is on Ohio, but the results are very familiar: namely, that solid majorities of Americans support clean energy and action on climate change. Here are a few highlights from the new YPCCC report.
  • "Ohioans support switching to clean energy sources."
  • "Most Ohioans (78%) support tax rebates for people who purchase energy-efficient vehicles or  solar panels. By contrast, only 19% of Ohioans would oppose this policy."
  • "A majority (59%) supports requiring electric utilities to produce at least 20% of their electricity from wind, solar, or other renewable energy sources—even if it costs the average household an extra $100 a year. Comparatively few (35%) would oppose this policy."
  • "About four in ten Ohioans (43%) believe that if the state switched from fossil fuels (e.g., coal and oil) to clean energy sources (e.g., solar and wind), it would increase economic growth and the number of jobs in the state, while an additional 17% say it would make no difference. One in four (26%)says a switch to clean energy would decrease economic growth and the number of  jobs."
  • "A large majority of Ohioans(83%) say that global warming should be a very high, high, or medium priority for the president and Congress."
Now, the question is whether popular support will translate into concrete policy action at the state and federal levels. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 9/24: The Yale Project on Climate Change Communications has come out with its survey of Texans, and the results are very similar to those of Ohio: strong support for clean energy, belief that global warming is happening, etc.

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