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Kate Sheppard: "Fracking Chemicals May Be Unknown, Even To Gas Drillers"

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Would you allow someone to come to your home and pump unknown, but possibly highly dangerous, chemicals into your water supply? Would you buy food into which those same chemicals have been injected? Would you feed it to your family? Of course not. So why would we allow fossil fuel companies to potentially contaminate our water supplies with chemicals that even they aren't aware of?

Critics of hydraulic fracturing, known widely as "fracking," have been pushing hard for natural gas companies to disclose all of the chemicals in the fluids that are used in the process. But what if the companies themselves don't even know what those chemicals are?

Documents from a lawsuit against Texas-based Range Resources suggest that they may not...

...As part of the discovery process in this case, a judge directed Range to release the full list of chemicals used in its drilling operations, including the components of all the products that are used at every stage in the gas drilling process. But Range says in its filing that it has been unable to obtain from its suppliers the ingredients in many of the products. Range has been inquiring with its manufacturers about the ingredients in 55 different products, including lubricants, drilling fluids, slurry and surfactants, according to documents. But in many cases, Range had not yet been able to obtain the information.

Of course, as the top-rated comment to this article points out, "We can thank Dick Cheney's lobbyist-written Energy Policy Act of 2005, which explicitly exempts fracking fluids from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Read it and weep. Remember the infamous 'closed door sessions'?" Yes, we do, and this is the result.

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