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Former TransCanada Pipeline Employee: Keystone XL will likely leak

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You know how oil companies always like to reassure us that their operations are safe, only to experience a spill or other disaster that proves them wrong? Right, because it happens all the time. So why should we now believe TransCanada when it claims its proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will be "constructed and operated to the highest industry standards," and that "[s]afety of the public and the environment is a top priority for TransCanada?" Of course, we shouldn't take their word for it, and articles like this one should make us even more leery.

...Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of arcane pipeline regulations, [Evan] Vokes came to check out claims from landowners that his former employer—Canadian company TransCanada—was botching the job on the pipeline.

For five years, Vokes had inspected TransCanada projects across North America and, too often for his liking, found they were poorly constructed and didn’t meet engineering codes. He’d tried to get his superiors to address the problems, to no avail, and was fired last year. In East Texas, he found that TransCanada hadn’t changed its way—even on what may be the most controversial pipeline ever proposed for North America.


Vokes says TransCanada prioritizes staying on schedule over quality. In a 28-page complaint filed last year with the Canadian government’s pipeline regulator, he describes rampant code violations on other TransCanada projects. He claims that the repair work in Texas proves the company is still ignoring the engineering codes and regulations that guide pipeline construction and warns that Keystone XL will likely leak.

Doesn't exactly give you a warm-and-fuzzy feeling, now does it?