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The Latest from the Not-So-Wonderful World of Fossil Fuels

2 min. read

The latest news from the not-so-wonderful world of fossil fuels includes a few items we definitely thought you should be aware of.

  • Coal overseas: "A project operated by China's largest coal miner, Shenhua Group, has reduced groundwater levels in an Inner Mongolia region and discharged high levels of toxic wastewater, environmental campaign groupGreenpeace said on Tuesday."
  • Coal in the United States: "According to a new report, the coal industry’s pollution is contaminating our water supplies, our regulatory agencies, and even our political process.  The report, a joint project by the Waterkeeper Alliance, Clean Water Action, the Sierra Club, Earthjustice, and the Environmental Integrity Project, shows that when it comes to spewing toxic chemicals into our waterways, the coal industry is public enemy number one."
  • Natural gas: "Another offshore drilling rig is on fire in the Gulf of Mexico. Thankfully all the workers who were on board this gas rig got off safely before it caught on fire. Now gas is spilling everywhere (the parts that aren't on fire, that is)."
  • Tar sands: "Oil spills at an oil sands operation in Cold Lake, Alberta have been going on for weeks with no end in sight, according to a government scientist."
  • Climate change: "Rapid thawing of the Arctic could trigger a catastrophic 'economic timebomb' which would cost trillions of dollars and undermine the global financial system, say a group of economists and polar scientists."

That's what we get for our dependence on fossil fuels. It's not an appealing situation, to put it mildly.