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Video: Bob Lutz on the Future of Electric Cars

2 min. read

Here are a few points that jumped out at us as we watched this interview with Bob Lutz, "better known as the father of the Chevy Volt."

  • "I always say the electric car future is definitely coming, because batteries will accept more and more charge, the cost of batteries will come down, fast charging will happen, but the whole thing is five to 10 years away."
  • "When the day comes where you can plug in your car and in the morning you've got 400 miles in the battery, and when you need a charge, you find a fast charging station and you can recharge in 15 or 20 minutes, at that point, who needs a gasoline engine anymore?"
  • "Range anxiety with battery-powered cars is always the big inhibitor." The solution: add a "little gasoline engine," as with the Chevy Volt, because "that gets rid of range anxiety." Also, a 400-mile range for battery-powered vehicles will alleviate most range anxiety.
  • By 2025, it's possible that electric vehicles electric will reach 10% of the total auto market.
  • People are not buying electric vehicles right now because they want to save money, they're buying them "because it's the cool thing to do."
  • Fisker's problem was that it "launched too soon, and had too many reliability problems with early cars...the car deserved to succeed but it just wasn't fully engineered, it was half baked when it came out, that was the problem."