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Must Read: "Big Oil's Big Lies About Alternative Energy"

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How many times have you turned on your TV and seen an ad by an oil company touting how "green" it is? A lot, right? Well, that's no accident. In fact, according to a new story by Rolling Stone, it's part and parcel of Big Oil's campaign of "Big Lies." The contrast between dirty energy propaganda and reality is stunning.  For instance:

  • BP:  Has "spent hundreds of millions of ad dollars to cleanse its image as a dirty-energy giant" since the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, yet BP's "alternative energy investments are limited to biofuels and a lone wind farm in the Netherlands." No solar, no wind, nothing "green" about this company. But you'd never know it from their TV ads!
  • Chevron: One of the campaigns we find most annoying is this company's 'We Agree' public relations campaign, with ads announcing 'It's time oil companies get behind the development of renewable energy.'" The only problem? "Chevron's alternative investments have been falling as a proportion of its total expenditures, not rising, for years: From 2.5 percent of overall expenditures in 2008, alternative energy dropped to 2.3 percent in 2010 and 1.5 percent in 2012."

On and on it goes, as Big Oil puts "more and more resources toward dirty energy sources that were never before accessible – or never before considered acceptable," yet touts itself in TV ads as caring about the environment.  Here's a tip for the next time you see one of those ads: they're lying to you, big time.