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Yet Another Example of Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Welfare, This Time on GM Crops

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According to Raw Story:

American diplomats lobbied aggressively overseas to promote genetically modified (GM) food crops such as soy beans, an analysis of official cable traffic revealed on Tuesday.

The review of more than 900 diplomatic cables by the campaign group Food and Water Watch showed a carefully crafted campaign to break down resistance to GM products in Europe and other countries, and so help promote the bottom line of big American agricultural businesses.


The report offers a further glimpse of the power of the agricultural and biotech industries in America, after the supreme court came down on the side of Monsanto in its effort to enforce its patented GM soybeans.

This is yet another example of taxpayer-funded corporate welfare run amok.  Couldn't Monsanto - which recently announced quarterly profits of $1.48 billion - have spoken for itself in Europe? On a related note, didn't our public servants have something better to do with their time - and our money - than to promote the interests of this super-wealthy corporation? Inquiring minds would love to know, but we suspect we know the answer: just as with the fossil fuel industry, these powerful corporations generally get what they want from the government, while the rest of us pay the price for it.