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Video: No, Wind Turbines Don't Make You Sick. In Fact, You Can Barely Hear Them At All.

1 min. read

Courtesy of Earth Techling and "Pascale, a kid from Freiburg, Germany," this video demolishes the disinformation out there about how wind turbines supposedly are noisy, make people sick, etc. In fact, as Pascale demonstrates, you an barely hear some of the largest wind turbines even when you're standing right underneath them. What you can here, of course, is the the sound of cars, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes, and all the other features of modern civilization. Note that all those things are far, far louder than even a very large wind turbine. And as an added bonus, wind turbines don't emit any health-harming pollutants, as fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and power plants do. That should make all of us feel great!