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Iowa's Republican Governor: Clean Energy is Under Attack by Fossil Fuel Interests

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Don't believe us that clean energy is under assault by well-heeled fossil fuel interests? Well, then, take a Republican governor's word for it.

Still, the renewable-energy industry is under attack by oil, gas and coal producers at both the state and federal levels, said Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

“We don’t have the money that the oil and gas industry have,” Branstad said today at the conference. “We need to get the farmers and community leaders to speak up.” The Republican governor has helped his state become the wind industry’s largest employer.

The wind industry is facing efforts in at least 16 states to dismantle so-called renewable portfolio standards, laws that require utilities to get an increasing amount of their power from renewable resources.

We'd also refer you to the Governors' Wind Energy Coalition, which has nine Republican governors in its ranks, one of whom (Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback) points out that “[i]nvestment in the renewable energy economy is creating jobs across all employment sectors." Which is why it's so important for our country that we defeat the fossil fuel-funded attacks against clean tech.