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Plains & Energy Transmission Line Would Help U.S. Tap Into "Saudi Arabia of Wind"

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This is exactly what we need to really hyper-charge wind power production in a part of the country that's been correctly called the "Saudi Arabia of wind."

The proposed Plains & Energy transmission line would carry 3,500 megawatts of electricty — enough to power 1 million homes — from wind mills in Western Oklahoma to power users in the Tennessee Valley.


...project backers remain confident in their 4-year-old plan to transport wind power generation from where winds are strongest in the West to where power needs are greater in the Southeast.

“We think we can provide green power at an attractive, fixed-rate price for TVA and other utilities in the region,” said Jimmy Glotfelty, executive vice president for Clean Line Energy. “Having a guaranteed price for 20 years is a great hedge against volatile natural gas prices.”

Again, it's important to emphasize that the wind power potential in the Great Plains is enormous. This table illustrates what we're talking about, as does this wind power potential map. Now, it's largely a question of tapping into this potential, in part by building projects like the Plains & Energy transmission line.