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Members with Ties to Monsanto Stay on GMO Panel; Dietician with Concerns Booted Off

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So, let's get this straight, it's ok for an academic with ties to GMO (genetically modified organism) manufacturer Monsanto  to write the report for a GMO advisory panel, but it's not ok for a dietician with concerns about these types of conflicts to stay on the panel?

A dietitian working on a panel charged with setting policy on genetically modified foods for the academy contends she was removed for pointing out that two of its members had ties to Monsanto, one of the biggest makers of genetically modified seeds.

“Perhaps it is possible for someone who works for an organization that creates or promotes G.M.O.’s to be objective, however, that would be hard to do,” Carole Bartolotto, a registered dietitian in California, wrote in a Feb. 6 e-mail to an academy executive.


Later, she questioned the academy’s decision to hire Christine M. Bruhn, a professor at the University of California, Davis, to write its position paper on genetically engineered foods.