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Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Lake Conway; ExxonMobil Claims It's Not Really There

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News stories like this one don't exactly give us a warm and fuzzy feeling about ExxonMobil specifically, or about the oil industry in general:

Earlier this week, I wrote about the ongoing debate in Mayflower, Arkansas as to whether oil from Exxon Mobil's Pegasus pipeline oil spill has reached Lake Conway. Independent tests have found contaminents associated with tar sands oil in the lake, while Exxon is sticking to their claim that the lake is oil-free. Now THV11 reports that chemist Wilma Subra has found the cancer-causing chemical Benzene in the air and water around Lake Conway.


While it is clear the oil spill is causing health problems, another important question to answer is how badly has this oil spill damaged the environment? That is a question that may not be answered soon enough if the two Arkansas agencies don't act fast...

In sum, what we have here is: a) yet another spill by the oil industry; b) yet another case of the oil industry trying to cover up the magnitude, environmental and health impacts of their spill; c) evidence that the spill was a lot worse than ExxonMobil claimed; and d) a state agency that's supposed to be protecting public health and the environment "dragging their feet."   Another day in the not-so-wonderful world of fossil fuels...